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Frequently Asked Question

Find quick answers to the most common questions about shopping with BWI.

How to ensure product originality?
Customers can request a certificate of origin to verify the authenticity of purchased products.
What is the time frame from purchase to delivery?
The delivery timeframe involves various stages including manufacturing, ocean freight, and clearance processes. We appreciate your patience as we ensure to deliver the best quality products to you.
Do BWI products come with a warranty?
All of our products leaves our warehouse with QR code for easy to inspect warranty period for specific unit.
What is BWI's approach to sustainability?
At BWI, we are committed to environmental stewardship. Our products are crafted using FSC-certified wood sourcing and incorporate over 75% recycled plastic, aligning with the highest standards of sustainability and promoting a healthier planet."
Can I request custom designs or modificationsto existing products?
We welcome any enquiry as certain products carry minimum order quantity for modification. So let us know what you desire.